Monday, January 13, 2014

Chips with Parmesan Bits....

 Absolutely nothing satisfies a potato craving like a crispy chip. Oven fried or baked, they’re now essentially guilt free. Toss in some Parmesan cheese and coarse salt and these simple chips are ready to enhance a prime steak or chop. 

To light this shot, we started with a large soft light source from the rear left.  This gave us a general light and a little bit of direction.  We then came in from the rear right with a point source.  This light was low, as we wanted it to skim across the surface of the chips and show all the texture of the chips.  After those 2 lights, the shot was too contrasty for our liking, so we used another very large soft light source from directly above to fill in some of the shadows.

The shot was simple too, nothing complicated. Just a few browned and golden-edged slices with highlights in the foreground and enough charred cheese bits to inspire your taste buds.

Easy recipe ~

Russet potatoes (peeled or not, it’s your call), sliced 1/8” thick perfectly, using a mandolin or by hand, then placed on a pan which is coated with your favorite oil or spray, cook perfectly at 500 degrees in about 12 minutes. Give them a quick spray before you put them in the oven. Keep an eye out for their golden edges. Once they’re out of the oven, add Parmesan cheese and coarse salt to taste. Enjoy!

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