Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drown the Shamrock!

No fuss - no special pour - no waiting.

Harp Lager is a Vienna-style Irish brew that's a leading brand in Ireland. It was created in 1960 by the Guinness Brewery (now called Diageo) in Dundalk, Ireland. According to legend, the Irish celebrants on St. Patrick's Day wore shamrocks on their clothes and took them off at the end of the day to place in their whiskey. We recommend Harp.

St. Patrick's Day is a good time to ponder all its inconsistencies while enjoying a noble brew. First,
St. Patrick was not Irish, second, he started off as an atheist. Next, St. Patrick's Day was a holy day in Ireland -- Irish Americans made it the amusing food and drink fest it is today. And, there is no corn in corned beef. Never mind the irony, by now you should be just enjoying the Harp and laughing about it all with friends. 


 How to Black and Tan
Harp is renowned for its contribution to another noble and great-looking beer drink, the Black & Tan.
It's called this because of its perfectly created appearance of dark beer on top, light on the bottom. 

The perfect Black and Tan is made of Harp Lager on the bottom and Guinness Stout on top. After pouring a 1/2 glass of Harp, carefully pour the Guinness VERY SLOWLY over the back of a spoon
to fill the glass. If done well, the Guinness and Harp will stay separated.


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